American Civil War

The American Civil War was a war that was fought in the United States of America from the year of 1861 to 1865, the longstanding slavery between the people was the reason for the outbreak of the war, which happened in April 1861. The attack on the Fort Sumter by the Confederate forces in the state of South Carolina was the first attack, which happened right after the inauguration of the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. The Union nationalists proclaimed their loyalty to the Constitution of the United States. The nationalists of the Confederate States advocated expanding the slavery for the rights of the states’.


During the 1860 presidential elections, the Republicans who were led by President Abraham Lincoln were supporting to ban the slavery in the all the territories of the United States. But on the other hand, the states located in the south of the United States viewed this as a violation of the constitutional rights they were making their first move to abolish the slavery in all the states of the United States. The three Pro-Union candidates joined together and were received a majority support of from the people as 82 percent of votes throughout the nation. The Republican Abraham Lincoln’s votes were centered in the North of the U.S.

The causes of the Civil War were complex and have been very controversial ever since the war was begun, but many of the academic scholars determine that the main cause for the war is slavery. During the 1850s, James C. Bradford mentioned this in his writings that the issues that led to the Civil War were very complicated and drawn by the historical revolutionists, and they were trying to give a variety of reasons for the outbreak of the war. During the 1850s, slavery was the main source that escalated the war and this prevented the spread of the slavery.

Causes of the War

The leaders in the South states were threatening the secession that if the Republican candidate, President Abraham Lincoln won the election in the year of 186, but right after the win of Lincoln, many of the leaders in the Southern states felt that the disunion of the parties was the only option left, it was because of the fear of losing the representations of the states would hamper their potentials to enhance and promote the pro-slavery acts as well as the policies that were drawn by the political parties. This was one of the main reasons that the states have opted for the abolition of slavery.

The major cause for the disunion among the states is the slavery, although many were opposing with different views even in the Union States, for example, there were many soldiers in the north who had a large difference in the subject of slavery. Where the confederates fought the war mainly to protect the society that is located in the southern region of the United States, where the slavery was practiced as an integral part of the everyday life of the humans. From the perspective of the anti-slavery, this issue was mainly about the evil practices that were done to the humans.

Technologies Used in the War

The prominent strategy for the anti-slavery is to stop the slavery gradually and to make it extinct in the United States. The Southern states denounced this strategy as an infringing to their Constitutional rights. The white people in the southern states believed that the liberation of the slaves would destroy the economy of the Southern part of the United States, as well as be losing the capital money that has been invested in the market. There were many people killed in the revolt especially in the Haiti Island. The famous historian Thomas Fleming pointed out the slavery with a phrase “a disease in the public mind”. These attempts of John Brown made to instigate a slave rebellion with the men armed. Fort Sumter, which was located in the middle of the Charleston harbor, South Carolina was fired. President Lincoln told Major Anderson to hold the fire to some extent. On the other side, Mr. Jefferson David declared that they are surrendering to the Lincoln party. When the Confederate government rejected the plan that was planned for the welfare of the slaves, General P. G. T. Beauregard was ordered by Davis to attack the fort before the expedition for the relief could arrive.

There were many technologies and innovations used in the Civil War, which had a great impact on the science in the 19th century. The Civil War was one of the greatest war that had taken place in the American history that stands as one of the examples of the ‘industrial war’, where many of the tasks were accomplished with the technological advancements and has also made to achieve the supremacy for the military in the war. Many of the new inventions were used in the war, such as the telegraph and the train, in delivering supplies and soldiers, and ev en in the communication where the messages were passed between the camps were horses were used to travel. It was in the same war, where the parties used reconnaissance balloons to attack their enemies’ camps.

Overall the American War was provoked when the upper-class people were tried to tread on the slaves and started treating them bad. The war was ended successfully in the favor of slaves by abolishing the slavery and has brought equal rights to all the people.

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